It’s our pleasure to welcome you to Altar Audio. A safe haven for artists, companies and entrepreneurs who are in need of world-class audio services. A 40-minute drive from Bogota, D.C. will lead you to our gorgeous recording facility located in La Calera, Cundinamarca-Colombia. Built upon a beautiful landscape of mountains, valleys and forests you will find an ideal combination of technology, beauty and privacy. Whether it’s the pre-production, production or post-production of audio, we have your needs covered. Book a tour or contact us today! We can’t wait to meet you and bring your sound to it’s full potential.


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Altar Audio is a world-class audio production and post-production studio (established in April/2016) led by chief engineer Juan Valencia and originally designed by John L. Sayers; later modified and finished by Lucas Serrano (Aqstica Ltda). Our studios are comprised of a fully isolated machine room, a state of the art control room, an echo chamber, an acoustically variable larga live room, a 5 meter tall vocal booth, and a small iso-booth. Our facility achieves an ideal balance of privacy and sound-proofing by taking advantage of our secluded and natural environment. We believe Altar Audio is one of the most updated studios in south-america, and we hope to meet you soon and bring your sound to it´s full potential. Please contact us to book a tour and find more about our beloved facility. Power Failure Free: Our studios are outfitted with a state of the art, 10 KW-UPS system; in addition to an automated power generator which ensures that we are a power failure free facility.



Ricardo Arjona, Audio Technica Latam, Jairo Barón (Fonseca), Caracol Tv, Amniótica Ltda, Boutique Pro Audio, Ságan, The Hall Effect, Teleset, Quested Latam, Sidestepper, Manuel Medrano, Alex Campos, Urdaneta, Pablo Trujillo, Gorillaz, Carlos “El Loco” Bedoya.



Team member

Juan Valencia

Chief Engineer

[email protected]

He is first and foremost a student of music. Founder, Director and Chief Engineer at Altar Audio (Bogotá, Colombia), former senior engineer at KB2 Studios (Bogotá, Colombia) and former owner, director and chief engineer at El Altillo Studios (Bogotá, Colombia). Graduated from O.I.A.R.T. London, Ontario (www.oiart.org) class of 2011, studied guitar at The Collective School of Music, New York, NY. Studied Master Engineering with Vlado Meller (Masterdisk), Alan Silverman (Arf! Digital) and Adrian Carr (AC Mastering). He is a multi-instrumentalist, producer, engineer, mix/master engineer and loves working with film and experimental projects.

Team member

Sergio Díaz


[email protected]

Recording engineer and editing jedi, he’s worked with some of Colombia’s most renowned recording artists, including: Adriana Lucia , Andrés Cepeda , Gina Savino, Raúl Platz, Orquesta La 33, LËVI, Sinfónica Nacional de Colombia, Tom Abella, Elsa Riveros, Silvestre Dangond, La Planta, Malalma, Duran Duran, 1280 Almas, Alex Campos, Estados Alterados, Möbius, Rock Weapon, Angershield, Power Trio, Sergio Solano, Richard Narváez, Diego Valdez, Luis Ángel “El Papa Pastor, Paul Votteler, Mauricio Montenegro, Iván J Ortega, Alex Martínez, Nelson Amarillo, Sergio Arias, El Negrito Rosado, Javier Serrano, Danny Botello, Carlos Cañón, Hernán de Arco, Juan Esteban Vanegas among others.


Altar Audio wouldn’t be possible without the following friends and professionals (in no particular order): Jorge Valencia Angel, Helen Duque, John L. Sayers (John Sayers Design), Dr. Carlos Fernandez (Seel S.A), Carolina Fernandez (Seel S.A.), Bernardo Duque (Seel S.A), Alejandro Sanchez (Seel S.A.), WARM Audio, Eduardo Burgos & Equipo (Seel S.A), Andres Quinche , Adrian Carr (AC Mastering), Robert Breen (OIART), Hirma ‘Mima’ Duque, Lee While (OIART), Mark McDonald (OIART), Mark Vogelsang (OIART), Christoph Babin (OIART), Chris Critchley (OIART), Humberto Chaparro, Ken Trevenna (OIART), Siegfried Meier (Beach Road Studios/ Silverlake Studios), Vlado Meller (Masterdisk), Alan Silverman (Arf! Digital), Fellow OIART Grads (class of 2011), Drew Cappotto (Masterdisk), Jason ‘Dj Shine’ Spanu (Ableton Live/ Nelly Furtado/Frank Ocean), Carlos Suarez (KB 2 Studio/ Cut-Club Bogotá), Alejandro Jaramillo (Amniotica Ltda), Camilo Silva F. (Camilo Silva Mastering/Audiovision), David Torres, Drew Cappotto (Masterdisk), Tony Lindgren (Fascination Street Studios), Dave Cooley (Elysian Masters), Diego Calviño (3:3:2 Studio), Wilson Martin (WRMG), Edhisson Orjuela (WRMG), Fermín Diaz (WRMG), Peter Kehoe (Peter Kehoe & Associates/ Vintake King), Lucas Serrano & Equipo (Aqstica Ltda), Jonathan Little (Little Labs), Adam J Brass (DSP Doctor), Brendan Murphy (Sweetwater), Dean Nelson (OIART/Beck), Tita Manotas (UP Sistemas), Ivonne Gomez (UP Sistemas), Evernet, Andres Felipe Millan (Diffusion Mag, Boutique Pro Audio/AES Colombia), Cristian ‘Munra’ Punkoapi, Municipio de La Calera.


+57-315-418-7532 - [email protected]